Very Last First Time

Today we started rowing Very Last First Time by Jan Andrews and Ian Wallace.  The story takes place in Canada and is about a young Inuk girl who walks on the bottom of the sea for her very first time.  She lived on the tundra and the people of her village would go to the ocean, wait for the tide to go out and then cut a hole through the ice to go underneath where the tide pools were.  There they would collect mussels to eat.  The story chronicles her experience with collecting mussels on her own (without her mother) for her “very last first time”.

Our social studies lesson was about Canada.  We reviewed some facts about the country and then found it on Doo’s world map (she knew exactly where it was from looking at her map in the past).

She colored a map plus the flag, national animal and national symbol (maple leaf). And then we read the lyrics to the Canadian national anthem and watched/listened to the English and French versions.

We topped off the lesson watching a little video full of Canadian imagery. Doo was very excited about the horses and swings. :)

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  1. Andrea says:

    Hey, your friendly admins are Canadian! :D